Useful Resources


STAT: The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique - the professional body for teachers of the Alexander Technique in the UK, to which Leah belongs.



'Benefits Beyond the Physical' article - Autumn 2013 edition, TalkBack magazine



AlexOx: the umbrella website for Alexander Technique teaching in Oxfordshire:



The NHS page on addressing back pain with the Alexander Technique. This describes the 'ATeam' trials on back pain and the Alexander Technique and explains some of the results:



A 'Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique' - a global online resource


Alexander Books - the most comprehensive UK resource for books about the Alexander Technique: or (01344) 441 647





Riding Success Without Distress    Introducing the Alexander Technique   by Joni Bentley   pub J A Allen


Shaw Method Swimming   by Alexa Nindl

Whitney Alexander

The Balance Studios

32 Bridge Street


OX28 1YH

Headington Alexander Techniique

The Wellbeing Clinic

1 Windmeill Road


Oxford OX3 7BL