Pupils' Comments



"There are often too many words. The Alexander Technique reaches places beyond words."

JH 2016


"As a scientist I would never have believed that the Alexander Technique could make such a difference to me."

Dr BD Reading January 2015




"Thank you for keeping my mind and body together during a difficult year." JP, Witney




"Why I like Alexander


Leah gently irons out the creases formed long ago by tensions held in my shoulders - and so they are enabled to release and remember their natural grace.


Alexander reminds me how to be in my body. I have discovered that I can change my inner state by the way I walk.


I have learned to trust my body. It knows for example how to walk surefootedly downstairs. I have learned to listen to it rather than the anxious memories of falling."


HR, Witney




"What I value most about the Alexander Technique is that my body has learned it and I don't have to think about it. My work very often involves speaking in public and acting as a focus for large groups in large spaces. Instead of adding to the list of things I need to concentrate on, the Alexander Technique helps me to be present and balanced,whatever is going on.


I began lessons because of a problem with a stiff neck - it has vanished - and I carry on because of the freedom it gives me.


I would recommend it, especially for anyone whose work involves performance or presentation."


Elizabeth Thomson, Witney




It's much better


It doesn't hurt anymore


Nothing hurts


I realise I haven't felt safe in my body - this feels different


I'm not beating myself up as much as I used to, I'm more free


So light - an old friend has never seen me looking so well


I don't want to move. I feel I've found my right posture


Calm but interesting


I need more!


Subtle stuff and physical


Free, higher


I don't feel there's one bone in my body in its usual place


The work is intelligent and I welcome learning to help myself






Learning the Alexander Technique can change so much that we can feel stuck with. Do make an appointment for a free Introductory Lesson and find out more about it for yourself, I look forward to hearing from you.


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