How the Alexander Technique can help you


Lessons last approximately 45 minutes, they are one-to-one and we can arrange them at a time to suit you


Because the Alexander Technique is a re-education and not a therapy, we refer to 'pupils' rather than 'clients'. Our aim is to enable you to help yourself function better even when the teacher isn't there.


The lesson will be tailored to you personally and learning will be at your own pace. It's best if we meet weekly for the first few weeks as we are addressing established patterns of movement and reaction, and these change more willingly when lessons are not too widely spaced.  The frequency of lessons after the initial period is decided by you together with your teacher.


There is no charge for an Introductory Lesson.



Pupils Say ...


  • I feel more energetic
  • I am more relaxed and becoming more alert
  • Aches and pains fading away
  • I have confidence to learn to swim at last
  • I found my voice
  • A feeling of life in my feet
  •  I've learned to trust my body
  • I'm not beating myself up as much as I used to, I'm more free
  • I can do so much more in my weights class with no aches and pains afterwards

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