Stuck with headaches, backaches or anxiety?


The Alexander Technique can make an enormous difference in our experience of day-to-day living. Muscular tension, headaches and neck aches are inextricably bound up with stress, as are anxiety and depression. The mental and the physical are inseparable, and there is a clear two-way street between states of mind and conditions in the body.  The Alexander Technique gives us tools to release a positive flow within us that benefits us on many levels. The empirical evidence coming from Alexander teachers and their pupils suggests that courage, inner calm, mental clarity and a feeling of empowerment are common (if unexpected) benefits of working in this way.


Backache is a huge health problem that costs the British economy millions every year. Research published in the British Medical Journal in August 2008 showed that lessons in the Alexander Technique were the most effective of a number of solutions on trial, and even more so when combined with regular guided exercise. Most importantly, those patients who received Alexander lessons during the trial were the only ones still to experience the benefits a year after the end of the lessons.


A trial at Southampton University in conjunction with teaching hospitals reported last year on the benefits of Alexander Technique lessons in helping people overcome neck and shoulder pain.

Seen the STAT website for more details.

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