Frequently Asked Questions


Will I benefit from lessons in the Alexander Technique?

People come to the Technique to enhance their life in many ways, to reduce pain or disability or else to improve their effectiveness.

They include:

Back Pain sufferers

Anyone who wants to improve their posture

Performers such as teachers, singers, musicians, actors, dancers,  speakers...

Sportsmen and women including horseriders, golfers, cricketers, runners  and gym-users

Tension headache and migraine sufferers

Pregnant women

People with Parkinson's Disease

People with arthritis

People who work with computers

Artists, sculptors

Anyone engaged in public speaking

People whose work involves particular strains or sustained positions (nurses, dentists, drivers, care assistants...)


How long does a lesson last?

Lessons last about 45 minutes, though you should allow a little longer for your first lesson.


How much do lessons cost?

Lessons cost £40.


There is no charge for an Introductory Lesson.


Do I need any special clothing or equipment?

None at all - though it is best to wear loose clothing for ease of movement, and to wear trousers rather than skirts or kilts. If you can avoid clothes that have bulky seams at the waist it will make lying-down work more comfortable.


How many lessons will I need?

The number of lessons needed will depend on your objectives and on the condition from which you are starting. In the Back Pain study published in the British Medical Journal, some participants received six lessons and showed a marked and measurable benefit, while others received 24 lessons and improved even more. A year after the start of the trial, the latter group still had a reduction in 'days in pain' each month from an average of 21 to an average of 3, as well as improving their mobility considerably and being able to participate in a wider range of activities.

The best idea is to come along for a lesson and to discuss your goals with a teacher.


What if I can't come to my lesson?

Please let us know as soon as possible if you cannot make your appointment. In keeping with usual practice, we ask 24 hours' notice for cancellations, otherwise the cost of the lesson is due in full. We will make every effort to accommodate your needs and find you a convenient new time.


I can't manage stairs; can I have lessons?

The clinic is on the first floor and we are sorry there is no lift, but if you would like to explore taking Alexander Technique lessons please contact Leah to talk about your situation and she will try to make alternative arrangements for you.

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