About the studio


The studio is at the Wellbeing Clinic, 1 Windmill Road, Headington, Oxford, OX3 7BL, between Hamptons estate agent and The Queens Bakery, Cafe Nero is opposite.

There are bus stops nearby and there is carparking nearby on the corner of Windmill Road and St Leonard's Road, and also at the Waitrose carpark off Old High Street, Headington.

The studio is a welcoming and calm space on the first floor.

Leah writes, "There are three pictures on the walls which I chose because for me they represent something of what the Alexander Technique offers us.


  • The first picture we see as we enter the room is Kathy Kelly's Wild Grasses 3 which is simple and graceful. It's a silhouette drawing of a wild grass which is poised, it is delicate yet strong and is opening out and widening.
  • Scott's Variations is a large painting. Its calm and lovely colours and shapes are suggestive of the spine lengthening and the freedom of movement we can enjoy when our neck is not restricted and our head leads forward and upwards.
  • Bleue 1 by Brian Leighton is a seascape which invites us to look out beyond the sand and the surf, over the sea to the horizon, to look beyond ourselves.


So these three pictures, in very different ways, illustrate some of the fundamentals of the Alexander Technique: it helps us to find freedom, lightness, and growth; we develop strength, stability and poise; we become more aware of our own internal rhythms whilst at the same time extending our horizons.


I hope you too enjoy these pictures."


"A while ago I added added a fourth picture to the original three in the studio. It's called "Tread Softly" and is by the abstract painter Robert Wright. The painting evokes for me a poem by WB Yeats which has those words in its last line, and for me it is a powerful reminder of the respect and care we should all have for each other."

From the beginning of July Leah will be offering lessons on Tuesdays at

Whitney Alexander

The Balance Studios

32 Bridge Street


OX28 1YH


To book a lesson please contact Leah on 07866 794897

or email leah@oxfordshirealexander.co.uk


The charge for an hour's lesson is £45.

Leah offers a free introductory lesson when we can talk about the Alexander Technique and how it can help you.


Leah Wright mstat


Leah teaches at the Wellbeing Clinic on Wednesdays and Thursdays.


I trained at The Alexander Technique Training School in Central London where Anthony Kingsley is Director of Training.


I am fascinated by the link between our attitude to life and our physical and emotional health, and the Alexander Technique showed me just how true and strong this link is. Our minds and bodies are a single unit and they can't be separated from each other. Some years ago I chose to have a course of lessons in order, I hoped, to avoid surgery on my feet. They did improve, I didn't have to have surgery and I found that my life was invigorated in so many other ways too.


I taught at the Witney Centre for the Alexander Technique for 5 years as well as teaching at the Summertown Clinic in Oxford and for several years at the Alexander Studio in central London.

I am delighted to be part of the Wellbeing Clinic in Headington and to offer the Alexander Technique as part of the rich variety of complementary health care that  is available at the clinic.



Contact Leah on 07866 794897


email: leah@oxfordshirealexander.co.uk


Contact The Wellbeing Clinic on 01865 751111

email info@wellbeingclinic.com


To read about using the Alexander Technique to treat chronic and recurrent back pain visit the STAT website



photographs by Ann James

Whitney Alexander

The Balance Studios

32 Bridge Street


OX28 1YH

Headington Alexander Techniique

The Wellbeing Clinic

1 Windmeill Road


Oxford OX3 7BL